Flights to Kimberley

Flights to Kimberley

Flights to Kimberley. Choose the time you want to fly and we show you the cheapest Flights to Kimberley from SAA, Kulula, Mango, ComAir and SA Express. Flight Bookings made Easy.

Flights to Kimberley

Kimberley Airport is located in the Northern Cape of South Africa is known because of the famed “Big Hole.” This hole serves as a landmark that resulted from diamond mining activities. The airport’s code is KIM. The airport is operated by the Airports Company, South Africa.

Flight Time to Kimberley

Travel Time Flights per Day
Flights from Johannesburg to Kimberley 1hr 10min 1+
Flights from Cape Town to Kimberley 1hr 30min 11+ per week
Flights from Durban to Kimberley 3hr 25min 2+
Flights from Bloemfontein to Kimberley 3hr 15min 2+
Flights from East London to Kimberley 3hr 40min 2+
Flights from Port Elizabeth to Kimberley 3hr 50min 3+
Flights from George to Kimberley 5hr 20min 3+


The airport offers both local and international flights through airlines such as South Africa Airways, South African Express. In addition, there are others such as Pacific Coastal Airlines and Air Canada that offer international flights on a daily basis to Calgary and Vancouver.


There is convenient ground transportation that makes it easy for you to access the airport. One of the facilities that provide transportation means is the famous Kootenay Carshare which enables you to own a car jointly with other tourists thus reducing costs.

There is also the option of local transit and taxi services such as Kimberley transit and L & K Taxi respectively.

Airport Shopping

Nearby the airport lies the leading shopping mall in the Northern Cape region known as Diamond Pavilion Shopping Mall. There are different business settings where you can go shopping at the mall such as Woolworths, Checkers, Fruit & Veg City Food Lovers Market and Edgars.


Most of the rainfall experienced in Kimberley comes during the summer and averages 283mm. the highest rainfall averages 59mm during March while the lowest rainfall falls during the month of July.

It is also during July that Kimberley is the coldest while it is hottest between January and June.


Kimberley has two seasons due to its closeness to the equator. Kimberley is busiest between April and October during the dry season when the temperature is warm.

This is the best time for you to make your trip to Kimberley unlike during the wet season that comes between November and March when the roads become practically impassable.

Main Attractions

There are spectacular views and places that will leave you marveled and perhaps glued at Kimberley such as the Big Hole, Mokala National Park, The Big Hole Museum, McGregor Museuem and the Honoured Dead Memorial.

While at Kimberley, there are other remarkable attractions such as Kamfers Dam, Kimberley Open Mine Museum and Wildbeest Kuil Rock Art Center.

Contact Airport

Phone: ​+27 53 830 7101​

Tel:​​+27 (0)53 830 7106

Flight info:​086 72 77 888

Address: ​Comp Patterson Rd, Diskobolos, Kimberley, 8300, South Africa.

Tel: +27 (0)53 830 7153 (After hours)

Fax: +27 (0)53 851 1032

Airport Name
Kimberley Airport
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