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Book your flight here with FlySAA (South African Airways or SAA), the national airline of South Africa where you can make bookings to over 35 destinations around the world. FlySAA is also a proud partner of the Star Alliance that includes 28 international airlines operating from 192 countries.


South African Airways is the most established airline in the country which resulted from the action of the South African government acquiring Union Airlines in 1934. In 1997, South African Airways changed its branding from a Springbok to a new corporate identity and also incorporated online booking among other services.

SAA Destinations

South African Airways has more than 38 destinations where it either flies directly and other destinations where it passes before reaching its final destination. Its routes include international airports in established cities such as London, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Madagascar, Europe, China and Cameroon.

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FlySAA Check In

The airline’s support plays a major role in assisting clients to check in their baggage. There are also self-service kiosks that assist the same to check in their possessions.

FlySAA Flight Bookings

The airline has also introduced a platform where passengers can check in online 24 hours before their departure time.

SAA Online check in allows for more time to do other activities such as shopping and eliminates the need to queue.

SAA Contact Details

Telephone number from within South Africa

tel: 0861 606 606

tel: 0861 359 722

Telephone number when abroad

tel: +27 11 978 5313

Opening hours 06h00 to 22h00 every day including public holidays

Customer complaints

tel: 0860 003 146

tel: +27119782888

Opening hour 08h00 to 16h30 lines closed on weekends and public holidays

Voyager telephone number

tel: 0860003145

Fly SAA Flights

FlySAA partners with Mango, SA Express and SA Airlink on local destinations, and belongs to Star Alliance that includes 28 international airlines that operate from 192 countries.

Flights to South Africa

South African Airways flies direct to Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Munich, New York, Perth, Sao Paulo and Washington.

SAA Online Check In

  1. FlySAA Checking In is quick and easy that it will soon become an essential part of your flying routine. You can check-in on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  2. FlySAA is open for online check in 24 hours before departure time. If you haven’t already selected a seat, or you want to change the one you have, it’s smart to log in to FlySAA as soon as possible to request your chosen seat where applicable.
  3. FlySAA Online check in stays open up to 90 minutes before domestic departures and up to two hours before international flights.
  4. If you don’t have a printer to print your boarding pass, you can print it at the self-service check-in kiosks at the airport or collect it from an SAA check in counter.

FlySAA Check In

Click here to Check In Online

  • No more queuing at the SAA check in counter
  • Extra time to spend shopping, eating or just arriving at the airport later
  • Pick your own seat, where applicable
  • Add your frequent SAA flyer number for more of Voyager Miles
  • Print your own boarding pass or sent to your phone as a mobile boarding pass
  • Go to the SAA bag drop-off counter to drop luggage, or straight to the boarding for hand luggage only.

Contact FlySAA

Contact South African Airways at the following details:

FlySAA Reservations


Tel: +27 11 978 1111

Office Hours : Daily, 06h00 to 22h00 (GMT)

FlySAA Customer Services


Tel: +27 11 978 2888

Fax: +27 11 978 9567

Twitter: @flysaa_care

Office Hours: Weekdays, 08h00 - 16h30 (GMT)

FlySAA Flight Schedule

South Africa Airways flight schedule can be viewed on SAA flight timetable which can be accessed online by visiting the website where passengers can check the timetable before making their booking.

SAA Frequent Flyer Program

The airline has a Premier Rewards Programme for frequent flyers whereby loyal clients are able to accrue miles and also redeem miles. The redeemed miles can be used to pay for upgrades, other rewards or even flights.

FlySAA Airline Partners

The airline has entered into partnerships with most members of the Star Alliance. It has worked with renowned airlines such as Emirates Airlines, Mango Airlines, Qantas Air, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air India, SA Express, Mango, SA Airlink and Air Canada.

SAA Airline Fleet

Being the oldest airline in the country, South Africa Airways boasts of possessing 1o models of aircraft with 55 airplanes being active; its fleet comprises of models such as Airbuses A300, A319, A 320, A340, Boeings 737, 737 Next Gen, 747, 767 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80/90.

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