African Safari

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Experience an unforgettable Safari in South Africa, known for it’s spectacular wildlife, you and your family will enjoy pure nature in all it’s beauty.

African Safari

The thought of an African Safari always evokes romanticism in a faraway place, but nothing can prepare you for the warmth and natural feelings you get in the wild.

South Africa Safari Parks

There are several types of South African Safari Parks::

  • National Safari Parks
  • Private Game Reserves
  • Safari Lodges
  • The Big 5 Safari Parks
  • African Lion Parks
  • Leopard Conservation 

Africa Safari

One of the best ways to view the wealth of South Africa’s wildlife is to join an organized Africa Safari. There are package deals to suit virtually every adventurer’s dream. Options meet most budgets, though time and extent will depend on what you are willing and able to spend.

For instance, you can join a relatively inexpensive full-day or even half-day Africa Safari if you are visiting one of the country’s many game reserves or are staying at a Safari lodge. Typically, a Private game reserve will offer Wildlife Safari game excursions at different times of the day with an experienced guide who knows exactly where to find wild animals. 

South Africa Safari

Of course, you don’t have to join an organized tour to experience an exceptional South Africa safari. Many people seeking adventure travel opportunities prefer to do it alone!

Safari Trips in South Africa:

  • Like all package holidays, an organized South Africa safari means other people do the planning and you can relax and enjoy.
  • Good Africa Safari tour guides know exactly whereand when to find game.
  • You won’t have to invest in a suitable vehicle or even hire one. 
  • You can get to the most remote African safari vacation areas without having to worry about food and water supplies. 
  • You will know in advance what adventures and excitement to expect from your Safari Holidays, particularly in terms of the animals and birds you are likely see. 

The only “disadvantages” are that an organized Wildlife Safari is quite predictable, and unless you opt for an exclusive Private game reserve South Africa safari (which will be considerably more expensive), you’ll be sharing your experience with strangers – though they might become friends. 

Wildlife Safari

Many South Africa safari ventures ensure you see the Big Five, while others, like one of the many African lion safari tours, concentrate on sightings of one particular animal.

However, unless you opt for a mini Wildlife Safari in a lion park, your chances of spotting a myriad of wild animals on any Africa Safari are exceptionally good. 

There are a multitude of South africa safari parks where you can experience the ultimate Wildlife Safari. Book yours now.

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