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Book Golf Holiday in South Africa

You don’t have to be a champion golfer to appreciate the opportunities of a well-planned Golf Holiday in South Africa. So, if you’re a keen golfer and you want to combine an exciting vacation with a five-star golf experience start looking for your ideal Golf Holiday right now.

There are hundreds of fabulous golf courses in South Africa, in virtually every city and just about every large town. There are also a staggering number of championship courses, including the world-famous Gary Player Country Club course that has been home to the Million Dollar Golf Challenge.

Of course, if you are simply looking at Golf breaks, Golf vacations, or Golf travel, you aren’t necessarily wanting to head for a championship course. Rather, you want to know where you can have the very best Golf Holiday in South Africa. 

Golf Holiday in South Africa

The good news is that there are golf courses in every province that will provide you with a fantastic Golf Holiday in South Africa.

If you are looking for a Golf Resort for your Golf Holiday, here are some ideas:

  • Sun City. Not just a Golf Resort but an international holiday resort with everything you could ever imagine including some of the best nightclubs and casinos in the world. You’ll find the Gary Player Country Club here.
  • Fancourt. If you want the Gary Player stamp but would rather be closer to the coast, head for South Africa’s unbeatable Garden Route. The Fancourt Golf Resort is an incredible place for a Golf Holiday. There are three championship courses that were designed by golf guru Gary Player, a golfing academy, and a whole lot more golfing attractions. Or go swimming…
  • Hans Merensky. So you want a Golf Holiday but you also want to see some of the best wildlife South Africa has to offer? This might be your answer. 
  • Wild Coast Sun. Wild beauty on an award-winning coastline with a short but much valued golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jnr that has seen a number of PGA tournaments played there. This could be your best Golf Holiday idea yet!
  • Mount Edgecombe. Durban is a favorite vacation location, and an amazing part of the world for a Golf Holiday. Located quite close to the iconic Umhlanga Rocks area, it boasts two championship courses. 

But this is only a taste of the amazing possibilities for a Golf Holiday in South Africa. You could opt for a different one every year – every season – even every month! 

Golf Resort

The benefit of opting for a golf resort when you plan your next golfing holiday is that you get more than just the golf course to play. The best Golf escapes ensure yo experience great cuisine, cultural experience, safari options, and of course great opportunities to play golf. Have fun!

Book Golf Holiday in South Africa

South Africa is a great golfing destination for a number of reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, there are loads of great golf courses. Secondly, the weather is fabulous and, thirdly, the green fees, as a rule, compare very favourably to those of the northern hemisphere. A fourth, and not to be under-estimated, advantage is that there is so much else to do in South Africa that the partners and family of golfers will be quite happy to be let loose with a rental car, some sun screen and a credit card.

There are about 450 golf courses in South Africa, so you’ll find somewhere to play in even the most obscure little town, but there are a few hotspots. Gauteng in general and Johannesburg in particular, has a vast number of excellent golf courses. However, it’s not the most tourist-friendly spot for partners and family, unless they’re into shopping, in which case, you’ve found heaven. But the title of golfing heaven is a greatly fought over one.

Even Sun City, with its two absolutely superb Gary Player-designed courses and a host of other rather plastic attractions is trying for the title, but it’s not quite there.

Some areas of Mpumalanga and Limpopo have interesting golf courses, some of which have crocodiles in the water hazards and warthogs trotting down the fairways, but they also don’t quite swing it. Cape Town is a serious contender. With loads of great courses, the beaches, the mountain, a great city, flowers, etc, it’s almost there. But it’s really just a great holiday destination that happens to have some good golf courses. Even if you include the Winelands with its handful of golf estates on wine farms with wellness centres, it’s still a runner up.

The North and South Coasts of KwaZulu-Natal are definite possibilities. Some excellent golf courses hidden away among the sugar cane are supplemented by the rather hyped and over-developed beach culture. It’s close, but the title – unequivocally – goes to the Garden Route.

Between Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay, a distance of about 130km, there are no less than 15 golf courses, many of which appear regularly in the top ten or twenty lists. But the best part is that this area really will keep the rest of the family happy so you can find a good central spot and play a different course every day for two weeks and return to a smiling spouse and cheerful offspring.

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