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Camping has never been the same since the concept of Tented Camps caught on. Today many private tented South African safari camps boast tented lodges that offer the ultimate luxury you would expect from a five star hotel.

Luxurious bedrooms with solid floors, en suite bathrooms with plumbed-in sanitaryware, quality lighting, sometimes even private hot water spas and plunge pools. But this doesn’t make Tented Safari Camps unattainable for those travelling on a more limited budget.

There are many Tented Camps that are affordable and offer fabulous accommodation and upbeat facilities for any safari. Before you make a booking, it’s a good idea to get a better idea of the Tented camps South Africa has to offer, including those located in the country’s famous and hugely popular Kruger National Park.

Tented Camps South Africa

Unlike regular camping sites that make provision for tents that are erected temporarily, the Tented camps South Africa has made famous are permanent structures with all the fixtures and fittings you would find in a regular building catering for tourists and holiday makers.

The buildings themselves don’t incorporate bricks and mortar but rather have heavy-duty canvas walls – like tents. But they often have solid roofs and are frequently connected by wooden decks or even paved paths.

So why opt for Tented Safari Camps rather than bricks-and-mortar lodges, bungalows, cabins, or cottages?

  • Tented Camps are eco-friendly and often established off the grid.
  • A Tented lodge will provide a more authentic bush holiday than a luxury African Safari where you stay in a luxurious hotel and then simply go on game drives.
  • Tented Camps are generally unobtrusive, giving you the opportunity to get a lot closer to nature than you would in any other accommodation option.
  • Many Tented Safari Camps offer luxury accommodation with self catering facilities. These are great for people who prefer a little more privacy.
  • The very best Tented Camps offer everything you’d expect from a five-star hotel.

Tented Safari Camps

If you are planning an African safari or like the idea of an adventurous holiday in a Game reserve or in a Cheetah tented camp perhaps, you really should explore the opportunities offered by tented camps South Africa.

The very best African safari vacation awaits you!

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