Travel to Durban

South Africa’s tropical paradise, with immaculate golden beaches and year-round glorious climate, Durban is a cultural and historical melting pot where city life, museums, wildlife adventures, marine safaris, shopping, high adventure and water sports reign supreme.

Things To Do In Durban

  • Big Rush Bungee Swing. Hankering for a real adrenaline rush? Take on the Guinness World Record-holding highest bungee swing in the world located in Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium, this monster takes jumpers on a 60-metre fall at 120km per hour (that’s about 240 miles per hour). All jumps are streamed live to the Big Rush stadium shop where you can purchase footage of your courageous deed. Contact 031 312 9281.
  • Great White Shark Cage Dives. For an experience that ticks both the conservation and adrenaline rush boxes, go for one of Durban’s many professionally-run shark cage diving experiences, offering shark cage diving, snorkelling with sharks and shark scuba trips. Trips are tailored specifically to the age group, experience level, and capability of each member.
  • Durban Natural Science Museum. Fancy being an anthropologist for a day? Delve into the past and the present at the Durban Natural Science Museum, with awesome displays starring a real Dodo skeleton, an actual Egyptian mummy and a life-size model of the tyrant lizard king, Tyranosaurus Rex, himself. Contact 031 311 2256.
  • The Old Court Museum. This gorgeous Victorian precinct has witnessed the Anglo-Zulu Wars and the Bambatha Rebellion and served as a general canteen and recruitment centre during both World War I and World War II. It is now home to, among other fascinating things, an exhibition of high street fashions dating from the early 1920s. An interactive touch screen display provides a unique glimpse into Durban’s history through the eyes of the many different and varied peoples who have called it home. Contact 031 311 2229.
  • The Whaling Museum. Set on the shores of the picturesque Bluff, this museum is a stark reminder of times gone by when migrating whales were harpooned, caught and processed in their thousands off Durban’s coast. The exhibition includes hundreds of whale teeth, whale ribs, a harpoon gun casing, old photos, newspaper clippings, a flensing knife and an old compass from a whaling boat. A sobering, sad reminder of how close human greed came to causing mass extinction. Contact 031 322 9598 for times and bookings.
  • The KwaMuhle Museum. Documenting the fight against apartheid in Durban, the KwaMuhle Museum is to be found in the once-hated Native Affairs Building. Visitors can immerse themselves in records of apartheid legislation, documentaries and images of South Africa’s dark past. Contact 031 311 2237 for bookings and more.

Fun Things To Do in Durban

  • UShaka Marine World. Africa’s biggest aquarium, Ushaka Marine World is a delight of 11 250m² of retail space for shopaholics, including high fashion boutiques, five-star restaurants and art and deco retail space, while Sea World salt water aquarium is all about family fun with displays and exhibits, including a 1 200-seat dolphin stadium, and activities such as snorkelling through reefs and grottos.
  • Beautiful Bell's Beach is dedicated to year-round fun, with windsurfing, beach volleyball, surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, paddle boat rides, and dolphin viewing. And for freshwater fun, Wet 'n Wild World features separate swimming pools for kids and adults, relaxing river rides, sandy beaches for sunbathing and high speed chutes to get the blood flowing. Contact 031 328 8000 for bookings.
  • Suncoast Casino. With all the glitz and glamour of an international urban casino, great shopping, ice-cold cocktails, live shows, sumptuous movie theatres and fine, fine, fine dining Suncoast Casino is probably Durban’s premier entertainment destination. Contact 031 328 3000 for more.
  • Durban Botanical Gardens. The Wood’s Cycad (Encephalartoswoodii) is believed to be the rarest plant in the world – and it can be found growing in Durban’s Botanic Gardens. If rare cycads aren’t your thing, surely one of the Gardens’ 8 000 orchids will appeal to your finer senses. Or simply relax with a picnic lunch under one of the Gardens’ display of unique heritage trees -- which are more than 100 years old. Call 031 322 4021 for prices.
  • Umgeni River Bird Park. These lush, 3.5-hectare tropical gardens are home to more than 800 birds from 200 different species, but the visual highlight of the park is surely the free-flight daily bird show. This feast for the eyes has an ever-changing cast of bird stars from around the world, is educational and lots of fun. Contact 031 579 4600 for show times.
  • PheZulu Safari Park. Nestled in the breathtaking Valley Of One Thousand Hills, this amazing reptile park is home to the massive 90-year old Nile crocodile, Ramesis and the 42kg Burmese python, Cleo. Explore the Zulu cultural village with the kids and take a glimpse into a proud, rich heritage. Contact 031 777 1000 for bookings.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Durban

The best time of year to visit Durban is, really, any time. It’s sub-tropical location guarantees balmy weather all year round, with December to February being the hottest.

There are many exciting activities to engage in while in Durban. Among the things that make Durban attractive are tours, outdoor activities, shopping, spas and wellness, night life and day trips. In addition, tourists can visit parks and museums. You can enjoy your stay in Durban by visiting Mini Town, Afro’ Chicken, Wavehouse, Beset and Moses Mabhida Stadium. Mitchell Park Zoo, Fun World and Bike & Bean are also Durban’s sensation.

Hotels in Durban

Durban city has 44 hotels that ensure locals and foreigners are taken care of properly. The hotels which can be booked on our website has discounted offers that are flexible to everyone with regard to financial preference. Among Durban hotels are Coastland Musgrave Hotel, The Marilyn Hotel, The Riverside Hotel, Hilton Durban and Protea Hotel Durban Edward.

Durban Tourism

Durban is an excellent choice for both domestic and international tourist considering its architecture, location and cultural diversity. Nature and mankind beauty are exhibited in Durban by the Golden mile and modern resort respectively.

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